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In total "Hamburger " has been searched for 584,407 times. The total mileage contribution of this is 2,186,574,565 miles!

This means that the average distance is 3,742 miles.

The Top 20 sources are shown below:

Country From # of checks
Australia 4,580
Afghanistan 2,725
Algeria 2,592
American Samoa 2,498
Andorra 2,403
Anguilla 2,363
Angola 2,346
Bahrain 2,341
The Bahamas 2,336
Bangladesh 2,333
Austria 2,332
Bulgaria 2,321
Argentina 2,318
Canada 2,315
Belize 2,313

Due to the food types being user entered these might also be of use:

Beef Hamburger, hamburger buns, hamburger meat, hamburgers,

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