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In total "mustard" has been searched for 2,360 times. The total mileage contribution of this is 6,064,018 miles!

This means that the average distance is 2,569 miles.

The Top 20 sources are shown below:

Country From # of checks
France 1,049
United States 421
United Kingdom 180
Germany 120
Canada 73
American Samoa 43
Ireland 42
Australia 40
India 38
Egypt 32
Sweden 23
Poland 20
Romania 20
China 20
Spain 17
Italy 12
Belgium 11
New Zealand 11
Netherlands 11
Hungary 11

Due to the food types being user entered these might also be of use:

american mustard, Dijon Mustard, english mustard, French mustard, honey mustard, mustard powder, mustard seed, Mustard seeds, whole grain mustard, wholegrain mustard,

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