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In total "Onions" has been searched for 16,069 times. The total mileage contribution of this is 44,986,998 miles!

This means that the average distance is 2,800 miles.

The Top 20 sources are shown below:

Country From # of checks
Netherlands 1,697
Spain 1,626
United Kingdom 1,551
China 1,139
France 1,099
Iran 1,007
United States 860
Egypt 839
Argentina 678
New Zealand 582
India 546
Pakistan 462
Chile 394
Australia 335
Poland 270
Ireland 242
Turkey 227
Mexico 210
Italy 151

Due to the food types being user entered these might also be of use:

Onions, 2 onions, 2 spring onions, Brown onions, dried onions, fried onions, green onions, large onions, pickled onions, Red Onions,

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