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In total "water" has been searched for 4,933 times. The total mileage contribution of this is 20,070,964 miles!

This means that the average distance is 4,069 miles.

The Top 20 sources are shown below:

Country From # of checks
Fiji 1,066
United Kingdom 606
France 589
Italy 211
Australia 177
United States 168
Switzerland 91
Ireland 80
Canada 80
China 75
Afghanistan 71
Brazil 69
Germany 62
Zimbabwe 60
United Arab Emirates 57
Austria 56
Egypt 54
South Africa 48
New Zealand 48

Due to the food types being user entered these might also be of use:

watermelon, bottle of water, bottle water , bottled water, cocnut water, coconut water, Evian water, figi water, fiji water, flavoured water ,

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