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In total "ice" has been searched for 528 times. The total mileage contribution of this is 2,044,871 miles!

This means that the average distance is 3,873 miles.

The Top 20 sources are shown below:

Country From # of checks
Iceland 106
Greenland 42
United States 23
Afghanistan 18
Australia 18
Argentina 16
Canada 14
United Kingdom 13
China 13
Finland 12
Zimbabwe 9
India 8
Brazil 8
Russia 7
Ireland 7
Réunion 7
American Samoa 6
Pakistan 6
Aruba 6

Due to the food types being user entered these might also be of use:

rice, 5 spice, aborio rice, allspice, apple juice, apple slices, Arborio rice, Arborio Risotto Rice, baked oaty slices, bamboo shoot slices,

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